PDHPE Syllabus

All.u.re workshops act as a positive reinforcement to syllabus outcomes centred around promoting healthy body image in young people. The workshops help students consider how they see and value themselves as a whole person, and assess the external influences which support a holistic outlook, or limit it, by a preoccupation with external appearance.

We encourage students to reflect on their relationships with their peers and families, in particular healthy friendships. We promote relationships based on mutual respect and support, genuine friendship as opposed to competitive relationships, which can lead to emotional abuse or bullying.

The following strands are examples of specific PDHPE syllabus outcomes that All.u.re complements:

Stage 4—Strand 1: Self and Relationships

‘A positive sense of self is fundamental to an individual’s health and wellbeing. In this strand students examine the factors that contribute to and shape the development of a sense of self.

Emphasis is placed on factors that can have significant influence on a sense of self during adolescence including the impact of body image, views of what it means to be female or male, and physical, social and emotional changes.

Students explore the qualities of caring and respectful relationships, and how they can be developed and maintained in a variety of contexts in their lives.’

 Source: Board of Studies NSW, ‘Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Years 7-10’, 


Stage 5—Strand 1: Self and Relationships

‘Students explore the interdependence between a sense of self and the health and wellbeing of themselves and others. They examine how they can use strategies to support themselves in different situations and analyse the range of ways they can provide support to others.

Students reflect on the challenges that young people may face at this stage of their lives and appreciate that these may provide unique opportunities for personal growth.

Students learn about developing and maintaining equal and respectful relationships. They examine and clarify personal values, challenge negative community attitudes related to diversity.’

 Source: Board of Studies NSW, ‘Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Years 7-10’,