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Meet the Team (7)
Judi Limbers
Founder, Managing Director
Behavioural Psychology & Fashion Design

Judi is a Social Entrepreneur with a double degree in Commerce and Behavioural Science, and a Certificate IV in Fashion Design Industry Practice. She founded her first business, Workshop, after she saw a need for young female role models to provide a learning environment that encouraged discussion of issues centred around society’s limited portrayal of women. After speaking to women around the country and overseas for a number of years, she founded her second business, a fashion company, in order to provide classy dresses to young women, as well an educational platform encouraging diversity in body shapes and styles. After many requests, in 2015 she co-launched Valour Workshop, the male counterpart to, with the involvement of her brother.

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Katrina Alvir
Workshop Facilitator
Positive Psychology & High School Teacher

Katrina has a Diploma of Positive Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts in English and History and a Post Graduate Bachelor of Teaching with Honours. She is currently a Workshop Facilitator for and mentor to other facilitators and has experience from teaching in schools and mentoring high school girls for over 15 years in Australia and abroad.

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Bernadette Tomlin
Visual Resources & Workshop Facilitator
Primary School Teacher

Bernadette has a Bachelor of Primary Education Degree and worked as a teacher for three years in Brisbane. She has taught in the missions in South Africa and in rural Canada, and has a passion for filmography. After taking a year off to go travelling, Bernadette has now joined the team as a Workshop Facilitator in Brisbane and is using her talent in film to create short videos for and teaches part time.

Meet the Team (13)
Simon Limbers
Workshop Facilitator
Economics & Psychology

Simon is a student at the University of Sydney studying a combined degree of Arts and Economics, majoring in Psychology. He’s been involved in global service projects, recently going to Vietnam in January 2016. He has also been involved in youth leader roles on school camps, has contributed to the development of the Valour Module curriculum and has presented Valour Workshops to schools in Sydney.

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Denis Setiyo
Workshop Facilitator
Psychology & Human Science

Denis is student studying Psychology and Human Science at Macquarie University after graduating in 2015. He has given many talks aimed at high school boys in his role of Vice Captain in year 12 and has been involved in youth camps, global service projects and is now a presenter of workshop sessions for Valour.

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Ben Watson
Workshop Facilitator
Medical Science

Ben is 18 years old and currently studying Medical Science at Macquarie after graduating from high school last year. He has been involved with tutoring programs and global service projects.

Advisory Committee

Maggie Hamilton, Author & Media Commentator (Publications Include: 'What's Happening to Our Girls?' and 'What's Happening to Our Boys?')

Joseph Degeling, Psychologist (Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Education), Graduate Diploma of Counselling, and a Master of Health Science (Child and Adolescent Heath)

Patrick Murray, Founder & CEO, MathsOnline (Largest online mathematics learning program in Australian schools)

Paul Limbers, Digital Marketing Manager, SoftwareONE (Co-Founder of Valour Workshops, Bachelor Degree in Psychology)

Audrey Abrams, Senior Policy Advisor at NSW Minister for Finance, Services and Property (Bachelor’s Degree in Laws, Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice)