“All.u.re Workshop aims to help young Australian women value themselves from the inside out. We encourage young women to embrace their allure – their inner and outer beauty – and recognise their value as a unique person with a sense of self-worth. We  encourage girls to develop friendships based on mutual respect and we aim to increase the overall appreciation of self in our participants.”

Who We Are

“All.u.re is an educational organisation run by a group of young women based in Sydney. All.u.re aims to help girls value themselves from the inside out, by running highly interactive workshops in areas such as beauty, friendship, social media and identity. We believe in promoting a healthy appreciation, rather than obsession, with beauty. Instead of focusing on negative statistics and disorders related to body image, the workshops offer positive messages that helps girls come to appreciate their uniqueness, as well as the opportunity to critically assess issues themselves in group work.”


All.u.re was formed in 2011 by three young Sydney women aged 20 years old. They established the organisation as a response to the need for young women to understand and appreciate areas relevant to them, such as beauty and body image, in a positive, interactive environment. As young women growing up in Australia, they realised that society represents beauty in a way that is constricting and limiting to women and girls’ development as unique and confident individuals. They saw the immense need for positive role models who can offer healthy messages about beauty, in a fun learning environment that young women can connect with on a personal level.

The first workshop involved three girls giving a small talk to some friends at a university college. Soon after they found there was a high demand for what All.u.re had to offer. All.u.re has now become a team of nine women, offering twelve different module topics. To date they have given over a hundred presentations in schools and youth groups around New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland and plan to expand the program nation-wide.

About Us